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Cocktail Bath Bombs

It's Amazing But True... now you can really chill out to a fizzing cocktail bath. Get totally soaked, by dropping a G&T or Mojito bath bomb in your bath.

These Cocktail Bath Bombs, containing the finest scents of all your favourite mixed drinks. Each gift pack contains three themed drink bombs. 

See below - a perfect gift for the lover of these cocktails. Prosecco for example is an on trend gift.  A celebratory gift,  ideal for weddings, birthdays, xmas or as an alternative to a bottle of wine.

Each variation comes with its own unique scent and colour, making the bath smell and look just like the real cocktail. The stylish and detailed design of the boxes is an attractive gift.

These bath bombs are a pure luxury, with all the added benefits of a bath bomb  you will feel clean, relaxed, and happy you have just bathed in a cocktail!

Cocktail Bath Bombs