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This necklace is actually a small bottle closed with a delicately decorated cap. 

Opalite is an attractive stone because of its beautiful bluish sheen and mysterious glow. It is believed to be uplifting and create space. Chain length: approx. 50 cm

Tiny pieces of rose quartz are placed inside. A beautiful and original gift idea, especially for women as this stone is considered to represent the feminine element.  

The tiger's eye is considered a stone of happiness, joy and optimism.

Black onyx is dedicated to people who are "busy" and constantly on the move. It suits the lifestyle of athletes as well as people who do very stressful work.

Amethyst is a wonderfully beneficial natural gemstone that is said to have several healing properties. It helps the body to cleanse itself of negative energy and encourage inner strength, wealth and clarity of mind.

Chain length: approx. 50 cm


Bottled Gemstones Necklace